A Little “Yes, And…’ Magic

At some point during the day yesterday, I got an email from the Stanford d school’s K-12 Design Lab discussing what they had been up to and the sort of programs they had coming up. One of the programs was the Shadow a Student challenge. The challenge is pretty simple: administrators follow a student around school for a day to build empathy and gain an understanding of a school from a student’s perspective. This seemed like an opportunity – to the Twitter machine!

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 6.42.40 AM

After tagging a bunch of administrators in the district I work in, I hoped there would be some interest. Well, Grant Frend had a better idea, AKA the first ‘yes, and…’ of the evening:

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 6.43.31 AM

Umm, yeah, that sounds like a good idea: shadow a student, some debrief conversations, maybe a beverage? That’s better than just shadowing a student for a day. Then Cheryl Schwarz chimed in with another ‘yes, and…’:

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 6.43.47 AM

Not just shadow a student, but then go shadow an admin? Get a look into another building for a day, see how other administrators do their job? That’s a really good way to see into other schools and learn routines and norms that other buildings have.

Shadow a Student day is still a few weeks off. How many SD42 administrators will end up participating? What will the structures that we use to debrief our experiences – both shadowing students and other administrators – end up looking like? I’m not sure what either of those answers are. However, I’m excited to see where the conversations head.

And all powered by a couple of ‘yes, and…’ ideas!

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